Hungryboy invites Matthew Lynch to the mix!

Greetings everyone, I’m Matthew Lynch cartoonist and visual artist. I work my  illustrations traditionally then take them to my computer and finish it up digitally, I do my lines in Adobe Illuatrator and my colors and everthing else are handled in  Adobe Photoshop. Growing up I’v been inspired by cartoons, every where I look i see thick black lines and wacky expressions. Some of my favorite artists are Scottie Youn, Joe Murray, Doug TenNapel, Pendelton Ward, Thurop Van-Orman and, Johnen VasquezIt’s a dream of mine to create my own path and hopefully release the ever growing universe from my mind for the world to see. So without further ado here are some samples from my world, and more to come.

Matthew DP Lynch


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