WORLD RAP my top 3

Many people love the classics in rap Keith Murray, NWA, BIGGIE, and on and on. Americans know these people because of Mtv, but what about the rest of them. We never hear about other countries and there Hip hop culture. I have already talked about

Die antwoord

but what about the rest of the world south Africa, England, France, and almost every country has its own all stars in the hip hop community.

right now i am going to list my 3 favorite hip hop artists from all around the world and maybe more another time

We start with the man him self

Tempa T  is a grime MC, his sound is fast and hard something you can dance too, but really the best thing to blast in your car as your driving down the street. with that British dup step style he never disappoints to get you pumped.

Now I could state all 3 rappers I really like from england alone (Roots manuva, JME) but I said I would tell you people from all around the world, and that what i am going to do let’s go to france with that smooth style of rapping. like England there are so many i love ,but i am going to have to pick

Youssoupha, the flows and beats make him one of my favorites. Coming to your ears with that french tone of there voice makes you just want to sit back and enjoy. You might not understand French, but you can’t help your self from nodding your head up and down.

and last  would be from Germany? Yes Germany its hard to believe but most of Europe has an insane rap game.

Olli Banjo is one of the best out there. Fast and crazy beats if you think speaking German looks hard enough try to rap in it. You will be shocked at the speed this guy has

that’s all three I might do another list soon I have so many I could make 16 pages of them, the next list might just be all french rappers but I Don’t know. I hope you enjoyed


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