The World of Electronic Music

The world of music is VERY large and VERY diverse. So far in my life I’ve listened to just about every kind of music you can imagine. From hip-hop to metal,from classical to dubstep, I’ve heard it all; including all those ridiculous sub-genres. I love all of it!! But it’s inevitable that I need something new and refreshing, and for me that refreshing breeze is any and all electronic music. Don’t get me wrong nothing can topple the classics. There are just a lot of very creative electronic artists that are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in a song. Here they are enjoy!!!!!


A great DJ/Producer from Russia. He makes experimental bass music, and DnB. I find him so refreshing because he fuses so many genres and he does so in such an unique way. The best part is his songs are always evolving, from start to finish and from song to song. Check him out!!!!!!!

Bass Regime

He is a college student from the boston area, who makes electro house and dubstep. He has a very good style going on in his tunes. Two standout tracks being “Sonar” and “Comply” they have a certain energy to them that you just can’t help but dance to them. Great Party music.


Another producer/DJ from Russia with great things happening! He has a very 80’s feel because of all the 8-bit sounds, which for me is a nice nostalgia. His rhythm is also very exceptional with sounds and pixels exploding into chaotic patterns but he maintains the rhythm throughout. The lord of pixels awaits!!



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